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Kistagången 16

Kista Arbetsmarknadsdag

KAM the fair is held in the Electrum building in central Kista. The fair's goal is to connect students, companies and organizations with activities in the ICT sector. KAM also gives you the opportunity to both market your company's career opportunities and also get in touch with students studying in the ICT field. In other words, it is a great opportunity to showcase a project, internship, or degree project but of course you decide exactly what you want to get out of the fair! KAM 2020 is currently scheduled to be held on November 4th.

Prelimenary signup


If you are an organization looking to reach engineering students at KTH Kista, we would love to have you participate in KAM 2020. Organizations participating will be able to promote themselves directly in the IN-chapters chapterhall located in the middle of the KTH Kista campus, and be able to reach a diverse selection of ICT students. Complimentary lunches, ‘fika’ and a dinner seating will also be provided to organization attendees according to the priceplan below. During the career fair, students attending will get a folder with event information and promotional materials from sponsors.

If you're interested, please fill in the following form, and we will contact you! This signup is a notice of interest, we will then contact you for final registration.

We also have opportunities for companies looking to sponsor KAM 2020. Sponsoring KAM will let your company reach students even outside of KAM. Our sponsors are marketed alongside KAM throughout October, and their company’s logo will show up on KAM TV slides.

We also offer a complimentary event outside of KAM for sponsors, of the company’s choice. Sponsors will have access to everything KAM has to offer. Companies interested in sponsoring KAM are welcome to contact us for more information.

We are also very interested in having start-ups participate in KAM 2020! We understand that outside promotion can be hard to fit into a start-up budget, and if you would like for your start-up to join us during KAM 2020, please contact us so we can figure out a package that works for your company.

We have 2 packages for KAM attendees, Standard and Sponsor. The Standard package is the easiest way for an organization to get involved with KAM, and will provide a low-cost opportunity to present your organization to students at KAM. The Sponsor package is for companies looking for more ways to engage with students, and is a good way to build strong relationships with KTH Kista students.



Dinner seating
Fika / snacks
Lunch 2 persons
1 table
Electricity + wifi

Price: 10000 kr


Dinner seating & stage presentation
Fika / snacks
Lunch 4 persons
2 tables
1 stand table
Electricity + wifi
Extra marketing*
Extra Event**

Price: 25000 kr

* Extra marketing: You will be given the oppertunity to display material of your choice on the chapters TV-monitors without extra cost. This applies a limited period before, during and after KAM.
** Extra event: You will be given the opportunity to arrange a sponsored pub or a lunch lecture without extra cost for the event itself.

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